Project Leasing is one of the most significant services provided by Colonial Commercial Real Estate LLC. We are strongly committed to assembling pertinent information and passing it to interested prospects while sharing that material with our contemporaries.

Project Leasing Services
Colonial Commercial Real Estate

Project Leasing in Fort Worth, Arlington, and the Mid Cities is fast-moving and highly competitive. Performance by qualified marketing representatives is what is necessary to keep pace with the constant turnover. Our brokers stay on the leading edge of the local and regional market by working all leasing prospects from the small start-up businesses to the sophisticated, established, larger firms. We are further committed to being honest and forthright with our clients. Each time we propose a real estate transaction our reputation and future are on the line and we believe that our expertise will precede us.

  • Experienced agents with professional phone skills that can take a phone call by a prospective tenant and turn it into a meeting at the subject property
  • Leasing Information Packages are prepared on all in house projects to be given to prospective tenants and outside brokers, additionally, information is stored in our proprietary database
  • Market research and computerized databases maintain listings of competitors’ projects and enhance our working knowledge of the market place
  • A master vacancy list of all in house listings is updated weekly and given to all marketing people for quick reference and immediate response
  • Quick response time by our brokers to meet a prospective client or return phone inquiries
  • Weekly brokerage meetings that brief leasing agents on the current status of all properties and prospective tenants
  • Target marketing to specific types of users through cold calling
  • On-site signs that are clean, neat, and visible
  • Frequent visits to the property by our brokers helps them get familiar with existing tenants who might know prospective clients for the project
  • Strong relationships with outside brokers in the metroplex are greatly encouraged
  • A network of regional and national contacts through long term relationships
  • Advertising in local and regional publications.